For Parents

STEM+Coding for

Academic Excellence

Schools That Can and MakerState have combined their strengths to offer our award-winning approach to STEM-integrated learning. As a result, children now have the opportunity to master STEM skills to be prepared for the future in a rapidly changing world.

The work of our STEMCoLab is recognized and proven with the New York City Department of Education’s CS4ALL Program and the National Science Foundation Maker Partnership Program.

Our Impact

Performance based Outcomes

Children will progress in core academic proficiencies, gaining confidence and skills in math and literacy.

Aligned Curriculum

Our Challenge lessons are aligned with with Math/ELS and Next Generation Science Standard

Proven STEM Effectiveness

Children increase their math, literacy and 21st Century thinking skills in our coding, engineering, digital arts and programs.

Children as persistent problem solvers

How well children can problem solve will determine their future. Children’s success in the 21st century economy increasingly depends on their proficiencies in STEM skills of problem solving and critical thinking.
We’re supporting a new kind of learning where STEM, coding and core academics are no longer separate but combined for engagement and success.