Care Cards

Random Arts of Kindness Care Cards

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Ever received a note from a friend that made you feel closer? How about a get well soon card while you were sick? It sure does help you feel better! In this project, we will make one or more cards and mail or deliver them. We’ll start our project by thinking of someone who has not been well or maybe someone who has been feeling down or alone. Or maybe just a family member or friend who you haven’t connected with in a while. We’ll strive to get our nouns and punctuation just right and offer each other kind, specific and helpful criticism as Feedback Friends. Let’s grab some markers and make that card…and hopefully bring some smiles to the faces of those we care about along the way. Share your care!


What You’ll Need:

Cardstock or construction paper

Markers/colored pencils/crayons

*Optional* glitter and stickers

a ruler

Earn Your Badge By Taking This Quiz!

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