Colorful Flowers

Bee a Hero Colorful Flowers

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Project Description:

This colourful water experiment shows how flowers absorb water up through their stems to feed their petals and make them grow. This process is called ‘capillary action’ and occurs due to the attractive nature of water molecules between other water molecules and other substances.

Project Materials:

  • White flowers
  • Water
  • Food colouring
  • Small vases

Project Instructions:

1. Cut a single flower with a fairly short stem (A shorter stem will get you a quicker result). Cut the stem on an angle to give a greater surface area
2. Prepare a vase or glass with water and a generous amount of food coloring (any color)
3. Place the flower in the vase with its stem slightly submerged in the colored water
4. Keep an eye on it! In about 30 minutes some of the food coloring will start to show in the petals.

Earn Your Badge By Taking This Quiz!

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