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Exercise helps us to build a strong body and a strong mind. Increased physical activity can even help prevent injury or illness as we grow. For this coded project, we’ll create a fitness coach character that guides us in exercises in multiples of 10 that help us stay healthy anywhere! We’ll apply new coding skills with sprite characters, costumes, command blocks, and conditional statements. And we’ll learn the purpose of exercise and how we can be responsible to ourselves for taking care of our bodies. Let’s get fit!


What You’ll Need: Scratch-remixed


Try This at Home!

  • Try adding more workouts to the routine
  • Try adding another sprite and have it be follow the instructions of the coach
  • Try taking a picture of yourself in a fitness pose and importing it into your game as a new Sprite.
  • Add multiple poses of yourself and animate it to coach a new fitness routine.



Earn Your Badge By Taking This Quiz!

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