Power Trinket

Tinkercad 3D Design Power Trinket

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Every hero has an item that is a symbol for what they believe, what they stand for, or what their superpower is. For Black Panther, that’s his claw necklace that holds the power of Wakandan technology. For Wonder Woman, that’s her lasso of truth. In this Tinkercad 3D design workshop, we’re going to create a power trinket that represents an ability or power we’d like to develop and use more in our lives. Every time we touch that trinket or think of it, it gives us the ability to use that power. We’ll use shapes, scribbles, and bevels to create our symbols and trinkets and measure them in millimeters. Our trinkets will help us remember our values and help us to be responsible for living up to those values.

Earn Your Badge By Taking This Quiz!

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