STEM+Coding for

Academic Excellence

Schools That Can and MakerState have combined their strengths to offer our award-winning approach to STEM-integrated learning. As a result, teachers will master skills needed so their students realize the necessary STEM skills to be prepared for the future in a rapidly changing world.

The work of our STEM Master Teacher Program is recognized and proven with the New York City Department of Education’s CS4ALL Program and the National Science Foundation Maker Partnership Program.

Our Impact

Performance-based Outcomes

Your students will progress in core academic proficiencies, gaining confidence and skills in math and literacy.

Aligned Curriculum

Our Challenge lessons are aligned with Common Core Math/ELS and Next Generation Science Standards.

Proven STEM Effectiveness

Student increase their math, literacy and 21st Century thinking skills in our coding, engineering, digital arts and programs.

Capacity Building

We’ve successfully trained public school teachers to integrate coding and engineering design into core academics.


Student as Persistent Problem Solvers

What Kids is important but how well they can problem solve will determine their future. Our kids’ success in the 21st Century economy increasingly depends on their proficiencies in STEM skills of problem solving and critical thinking.

  • 80% of jobs in the next decade will require technical skills
  • STEM jobs are growing at two times the rate as jobs in other fields
  • 15 of 20 of the fast growing U.S. jobs will require math or science skills

We’re supporting a new kind of learning in schools where STEM, coding and core academics are no longer separate but combined for student engagment and success. Teachers need support to bridge this gap and we provide it. So how do we do it?

Bridging the Digital & STEM Divides STEM/Coding Applied Learning in Math & English Language Arts

Coding new applications and games requires students to break problems down into essential parts, decide which data is important, identify patterns, and create steps to solving complex problems. These computational thinking and programming skills enable students in core subjects like math, English, and science. Some examples:


Hands-on Math through

➤ converting decimals

➤ using the distributive property of multiplication

➤ finding the volume of a rectangle


Literacy Applications
in Coding

➤ identifying parts of speech

➤ editing sentences

➤ constructing narratives

Our Values

  • Creative STEM skill-building through integrations in Math and English Language Arts
  • Project-based, hands-on learning in a makerspace setting
  • Engagement-first play-based learning that builds toward lifelong passions and skills
  • Revisions toward mastery and innovation within the Engineering Design Process
  • Ongoing teacher support for STEM/coding practice and curriculum integration
  • Consistent parent communication and engagement for family-centered exploration

Collaborative school partnerships that reinforce a school’s academic performance objectives, cultural values, and habits of mind.

Habits of Mind

Computational Thinking in the classroom supports academic success through critical thinking, problem-solving, and creative collaboration.

Habits of Action

Computational Thinking in the classroom supports academic success through critical thinking, problem-solving, and creative collaboration.

STEMCoLab: the online learning connection
for you and your students

Providing online lesson and rubric supports for teachers and project-prompt videos that quick start students into STEM/coding project-based learning.

The STEMCoLab was developed by MakerState as part of the National Science Foundation-funded Maker Partnership: A Research Practice Partnership to Integrate Computer Science and Computational Thinking into Science Instruction (2018 – 2020; NSF award #1742320). See two of the core units developed for the NSF study here:

Programming & Supports We Provide

Financial & Funding Allocation SupportsTeacher Scheduling & TeambuildingIn Person Professional DevelopmentStudent Project Based STEM/coding programsOnline Lessons & Virtual SupportsCurriculum Integration SupportCoaching for Teacher & Student SuccessProgram Evaluation for Success Data

Financial & Funding Allocation Supports

Teacher Scheduling & Teambuilding

In Person Professional Development

Student Project Based STEM/coding programs

Online Lessons & Virtual Supports

Curriculum Integration Support

Coaching for Teacher & Student Success

Program Evaluation for Success Data

STEM project-based learning that fosters math and ELA skills is a challenge for any school to make happen. We recognize that most school administrators and teachers don’t have time to manage funding and allocations, teacher scheduling and professional development, and ongoing support in the classroom. We partner with your school every step of the way to ensure your teacher team is solidifying as a supportive team as they learn to incorporate STEM into their regular academic curriculum.

School Innovator Schools & STEM Teaching Fellows

We work with your teachers and students during school and after school to build engineering projects and code new applications that drive student engagement and performance and create new pedagogical capacity in your school.

A key element for success is working closely with teachers to attain STEM Master Teacher status. This is carefully defined and managed process with clear outcomes for the teacher including key recognitions for what teachers have achieved. This can vary from school to school but we urge schools to recognize STEM Master Teachers by a recognition plaque with their name included in a prominent location in the school. It is very exciting to envision schools with sufficient STEM Master Teachers that become STEM Innovative Schools that are preparing their students for the future.

Leveling the Learning Curve
for Teacher

Coding and core academics combine to accelerate learning but it’s not an easy combination for teachers to learn. We support teachers in integrating coding, engineering .

Leveling the Playing Field
for Students

Your students will enter a rapidly transforming workforce and marketplace where they will have to re-invent their roles many times over a lifetime. We give them skills in Engineering Design, computational thinking, and 21st Century Skills that will enable their success in this promising but unpredictable future.

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