Scratch Science: Sunrise, Sunset

Scratch Science Scratch Science: Sunrise, Sunset

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In this challenge, students will use Scratch to create a simulation of the sky that demonstrates the change in daylight as the earth rotates throughout the course of a day. This will involve using loops to program the movement of the sun around the stage and creating/programming switches between backdrops that will show the changes in the sky.

Links to Challenge materials:

Lesson plan w/ rubric– Includes lesson overview page, design cycle instructions, prototype build instructions, and rubric.
Scratch project prototype– Test out the prototype, view the code and project settings.
Challenge report– Report to be sent home with students at the end of class.

Patterns of Earth and Sky Simulation– Amplify Science simulation for Discover phase research.

Applicable NGSS Standards:

5-ESS1: Earth’s Place in the Universe

  1. Represent data in graphical displays to reveal patterns of daily changes in length and direction of shadows, day and night, and the seasonal appearance of some stars in the night sky.

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In order to verify your completion of this lesson and receive your PD/CTLE credit hours for this online PD, please a link to your Scratch prototype in the comments belowMake sure you SHARE your Scratch project before posting it. To redeem your credit hours, please follow the instructions here.

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Sunrise Sunset

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