Cloud Catcher

Building the Park of Your Dreams Cloud Catcher

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Project Description:

In this fun first project, students will be exploring the wonders of clouds. By making your very own cloud viewer, you could go outside right away and start identifying the different clouds that you see in the sky. Get ready to be weather experts, Let’s Go!

Project Materials:

  • Jumbo craft sticks
  • Light blue or blue craft paint
  • Cloud Chart Printable
  • Scissors
  • Paintbrush
  • Hot glue/hot glue gun

Project Instructions:

1. Carefully glue four craft sticks together to make a square.

2. Glue the 5th stock on the bottom center to hold the cloud viewer.

3. Spread out some scrap paper or newspaper, paint the sticks blue and let them dry.

4. Download and print your cloud chart. Cut out the different types of clouds and glue around the blue square.

5. Time to head outside with your cloud viewer! Take the bottom of the stick and hold your cloud viewer up to the sky to identify clouds.

Earn Your Badge By Taking This Quiz!

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