DIY Bubble Blower Machine

Building the Park of Your Dreams DIY Bubble Blower Machine

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Project Description:

This fun first project involves crafty engineering skills to make a homemade bubble blower. Get ready to use your bubble blowers to make bubble snakes outside or inside for bathtime. Let’s go!

Project Materials:

  • empty plastic bottle
  • wash cloth
  • rubber band
  • dish soap
  • water

Project Instructions:

1. Cut the bottom off of your plastic bottle.
2. Trace out the bottom of the bottle on terry cloth, making sure to leave an inch or so overlap for the rubber band.
3. Affix the cloth to the cut plastic bottle using the rubber band.
4. Mix 2 parts dish soap to 1 part water.
5. Dip the cloth part of your new bubble blower into the bubble mixture and start blowing.

Earn Your Badge By Taking This Quiz!

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